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Successful change happens only when individuals are ready, willing, able... and then determined to keep going. To do this, you and your teams need to be equipped with a change-ready mindset, have the skills and resources not just to survive but to thrive.

We explore your specific change need to ensure the perfect mix of flavours to match your taste. Or select them all to enjoy the complete collection.

      Ready & Willing: Getting you and your teams mindset ready for change
      Able: Creating belief change is needed and that it can be done
      Determined: Keeping you on track to make change happen

All JAM sessions are packed with an ideal mix of exploring change stories, research from the world of business psychology, neuroscience and case studies. Allowing you to identify what’s worked, what hasn’t and what can be done now. Producing your personal JAM sandwich of tips, tools and techniques to takeaway to digest. Fuelling you to deliver your change.

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Inspiring change and enabling others to deliver change is a skill. A people skill.



Change places huge demands on leaders and Managers tasked to deliver it. Not only do they have to perform their day job, they need to inspire others and deal with challenges to maintain the momentum. Coaching provides a safe environment to test assumptions, challenge thinking and discover the most effective routes to deliver change.


Offering Leaders and Managers a directive approach providing guidance and advice to overcome their specific challenges. Drawn from our extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of change.

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Working in collaboration with you, we can create and deliver a bespoke change solution to land your change. We start with a detailed diagnostic using a variety of the most effective research methods of data collection and analysis: individual, relational and collective. The data informs the design and the delivery of the change solution that fits your specific need.

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Psychometric tools can be used to supplement any of JAM’s change servings.

Anthony is a registered British Psychological Society Psychometric Test Assessor. He is qualified in the CEB-SHL suite of personality and ability psychometrics. Including the industry leading OPQ32 personality questionnaire.

Jackie is qualified in: Insights Discovery Behavioural Profiles, Extended Disc, iWAM – Inventory Work, Attitude and Motivation and Discovery Change Style indicator.

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JAM personal coaching provides the space, structure and support for you to create the clarity and momentum to live the life you want to live; the way you want to live it.

Enabling you to identify the changes you want to make, have the courage to make those decisions and the belief to take action.

What’s stopping you being the best version of who you want to be?

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